Electrical Engineering for Building Services

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15-Jul-2019 05 Days Hyderabad 09:00am to 05:30pm Apply
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Electrical Engineering for Building Services 


The scope of Electrical Engineering for Building Services includes Computing Total Power Required for Building / Space, Local Distribution of Power, Electrical Calculations including Cable selection, Circuit Breakers, Switch Gear, Transformers, Capacitor Banks, and Generators etc. Preparation of Electrical Drawings, Lighting & Power Distribution, Earthing & Lightening Protection Systems etc.

This training program gives comprehensive knowledge of Electrical Systems Design & installation for Building Services. The program focuses on the real time work related concepts, issues, which is enhanced by the inputs of the instructor’s practical experience.


Electrical Engineers/ Designers / Draftsmen responsible for design, drafting, installation, estimation and maintenance of electrical systems for Building & Facilities.

MEP engineers/managers including mechanical, electrical instrumentation engineers who wish to understand / supervise Electro-Mechanical Projects.

Electrical Engineers who are at the entry level or junior level or senior level, who wish to streamline or enhance their existing knowledge and people of other fields who aspire to make a career in Electrical Engineering for Building Services.


Upon the successful completion of the course, participants will be

Able to understand:

The scope of Electrical Engineers in Modern Construction Industry

The fundaments of Electrical Power Systems

Electrical Codes & Standards

Generation, Transmission & Distribution of Electricity

Power System components- Circuit Breakers/ Transformers/ Capacitor banks etc.

Switchgears & Panel Boards

Power Cables & Applications

Cable Management System- Conduits/ Trunking / Trays/ Duct Banks/ Trenches etc.

Lighting Systems & Applications

Earthing & Lightning Protection Systems

Design Calculations

Prepare Design, Shop & As- built Drawings



Module 1- Electrical Fundamentals

Basic Electrical Terms- Definitions, Glossary, Units, Abbreviations

Electrical Codes & Standards - BS, NEC, IEE, IEEE, NFPA, IEC

Generation, Transmission & Distribution of Electricity

Home Wiring Diagrams

Radial & Ring Circuits

Basic Electrical Formulae

Module 2- Wiring Accessories & Cable Management Systems

Switches & Sockets ( Types and Applications )

Isolators & Disconnect Switches

Wires & Cables ( Types and Applications)

Conduit System, Cable Tray, Ladder, Trunking Systems

Underground Cables (Directly Buried)

Duct Banks & Cable Trenches

BusDuct & BusBar Risers

Module 3- Power System Components

Circuit Breakers (Types & Selection)


Panel Boards & Switchgears – Final DB, SMDB, MDB

Motor Control Center (MCC) - Electric Motors & Starters

Capacitor Banks - Power Factor Improvement 


Standby Diesel Generators ( ATS & Changeover Switch )

IP Protection

Module 4- Lighting System

Lighting Fixtures ( Types & Applications )

Lighting Design- Illumination Lux Levels

Emergency & Exit Lighting System

Module 5- Earthing & Lighting Protection System

Earthing Systems ( Types, Methods & Installation )

Lightning Protection Systems

Module 6- Electrical Design Calculation

Circuit Breaker Sizing, Selection & Calculation

RCD/ ELCB Sizing & Selection

Branch & Main Feeder Cable Sizing, Selection & Calculation

Total Connected Load (TCL) & Max. or Peak Demand Calculation based on Diversity Factors

Load Distribution Schedules & Load Balancing– Final DB, SMDB, MCC, MDB 

Cable Tray Sizing

Transformer Sizing Calculations

Standby Generator Sizing Calculations 

Capacitor Bank Calculations

Lighting Illumination Calculations

Voltage Drop Calculations

Short Circuit Calculations

Module 7-Electrical System Drafting

Met Preparation of Lighting Layouts ( Design, Shop & As- built Drawings)

Preparation of Power Layouts (Design, Shop & As- built Drawings)

Preparation of Single Line Diagrams (SLD) or Riser Diagrams

Module 8 – Electrical Installations & Maintenance

Installation Procedures

Maintenance Schedules