Safety Relief Valves - Selection, Operation & Troubleshooting

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27-Apr-2020 03 Days Hyderabad 09:00am to 05:30pm Apply
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Safety Relief Valve- Selection, Operation & Troubleshooting.


Within the boiler, piping and pressure vessel indus¬try, safety relief valves are of most essential importance. Pressure relief valves are the last line of defense against catastrophic failure or even loss of life. The course covers safety valve types and designs, materials, specification and se¬lection, preventive maintenance procedures, op¬eration and troubleshooting.

A number of different instructional methods are used throughout the course to allow interactive learning and to give practical examples from man-ufacturing and service industry to enable the del¬egates to operate, select and troubleshoot safety valves upon course completion.


Process engineers involved in design, selection and operation of plants. Mechanical, inspection, maintenance engineers. Technicians involved in operation, inspection, maintenance, troubleshooting of piping systems & valves. Plant and equipment design engineers working with engineering/Construction, process plant and equipment.

Delegates will gain essential and integrated knowledge about pressure equipment and piping systems design and the significance of appropriate design, operation and maintenance on their mechanical integrity.


Upon the successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

Familiarize participants with the functions and applications of safety relief valves, their types, designs and components.

Train participants to install, disassemble, troubleshoot, clean, inspect, align, and reassemble a variety of  safety valves

Enable appropriate safety valve  sizing and selection for liquid, gas and vapor applications

To increase the participant’s awareness and understanding that the mechanical integrity of relief valves depends jointly on the proper design, operation, condition assessment, and maintenance of the equipment.

To provide the participants with a clear understanding of the degradation mechanisms that relief valves could be subjected to over their operating life, how to identify them, predict and determine their impact, and what appropriate measures can be taken to prevent and control the resultant damage.

To provide the participants with the knowledge and failure analysis skills they need to conduct damage and failure analysis so as to prevent similar failures from happening



Safety Valves History & Overpressure Protection

Pressure Relief Devices

Introduction to Safety Valves

Pressure Relief Valves ( Safety Valve, Relief Valve, Safety Relief  Valve)

Safety Valve Selection

Installation Design

Installation onto Systems

Safety Valve Management

Testing , Maintenance and Resetting

Safety Valve Disposal

Sizing Basics

Pressure Terminology

Identification/Specification of Safety Valves

Rupture Discs

Safety Valve Storage

Selection & Sizing of Safety Valves

API Recommended Practices