Workshop (3-5 DAYS)

Course Calender by Date

Ref. Code. Course Title Date Venue Actions
May 2014
EEBSElectrical Engineering for Building Services 2014-May-19 Noida, India Apply
June 2015
SRVSafety Relief Valve- Selection, Operation & Troubleshooting 2015-June-15 Dubai, UAE Apply
September 2013
DEPP - INDIADetailed Engineering of Process Piping Systems 2013-September-28 Noida, India Apply
November 2013
DEPPDetailed Engineering of Process Piping Systems 2013-November-10 Abu Dhabi, UAE Apply
December 2013
OPDCOffshore Pipelines Design, Construction & Operation 2013-December-22 Doha, Qatar Apply
PPDCASME B31.3 - Process Piping Code Simplified 2013-December-22 Doha, Qatar Apply
RTRPRTRP Piping Systems (GRE/GRV/GRP) 2013-December-15 Doha, Qatar Apply
PVPEDPressure Vessel & Process Equipment Design & Engineering 2016-December-24 Hyderabad Apply