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Fire Protection Design Engineering - NFPA - Online Training Course

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22-Jul-2024 30 Days Online -----------------------

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Fire Protection Systems Design Engineering - NFPA - Online Training Course

About Training Program

This course aims to provide, in a structured manner, an organized and comprehensive framework for fire safety and building fire protection design. The course particularly aims to help those who have recently been given responsibility in fire safety and those who seek structured and comprehensive guidance on the fundamentals of fire safety design methods and approved practices. On completion of the course the participants should be in a position to make a significant contribution in the design of appropriate fire safety systems for a fairly complex building.

Program Features

- In-depth course content for easy understanding.

- Blended Learning: Online contact with faculty.

- Accessibility to course faculty & counseling services.

- Job oriented training program.

- Student will be job ready, after the course.

- Student will acquire skills and knowledge similar to working professional.


• Graduating College Students in the following disciplines

Mechanical Engineers

Electrical Engineers

Civil Engineers

Diploma / ITI

• Working Professionals

Fire Fighting Engineers

Plumbing Systems Design Engineers

Fire Protection Engineers

MEP Engineers

MEP Co-Ordinator

Design & Project Engineers

HVAC Engineers

HVAC Site Engineers

HVAC QA / QC Engineers

HVAC Draftsman

MEP Draftsman

Plumbing Technicians

• Corporate / Organizations

Fire Protection Consulting Companies

Fire Fighting Designing Consultancies

Fire Fighting Contracting Companies

MEP Consultants

MEP Contracting Companies

HVAC Consulting Companies

HVAC Contracting Companies


I) Fire Protection Systems

Fire Safety Systems

Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Fire Suppression Systems

Foam-Based Fire Systems – Hi, Med, Low Expansion.

Chemical Based Fire Systems- Dry Powder, Wet Chemical.

Gaseous Based Fire Systems- CO2, FM-200, NAFS-III.

Passive Fire Protection

II) Water- Based Fire Fighting Systems


Fire Dynamics

Fire Sprinkler Systems - NFPA 13

Design & Layout

Fire Sprinkler Hydraulics-NFPA 20

Standpipe Systems-NFPA 14

Private Hydrant and Hose Systems-NFPA 14