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Piping Flexibility & Stress Analysis

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13-May-2024 05 Days Online -----------------------

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Piping Flexibility & Stress Analysis


Pipe Stress Analysis is an intensive five-day course designed to give a thorough understanding of basic and advanced concepts of process piping stress & flexibility analysis as per ASME B 31.3. Stress analysis is a critical component of piping design through which important parameters such as piping safety, safety of related components and connected equipment and piping deflection can be addressed. It needs good understanding & background in piping layouts, ASME Code requirements & piping design.

Piping Stress Analysis involves examining the flexibility and stiffness of a particular piping system under different loading conditions. Piping stress analysis determines the maximum stresses, displacements, forces & moments at restraints and suggests necessary modifications for satisfying the ASME Code Requirements for limits of sustained, displacement & occasional load allowable stresses.

Stress analysis helps revising the piping layout and its supports to avoid high local stresses. The course will discuss different types of stresses affecting piping flexibility, code criterions, and methods of analysis, including simple & comprehensive methods and computerized methods.

The extensive use of case studies and practical exercises during the course of the discussion ensures as comprehensive coverage of the topic as possible.

All the pipe stress analysis concepts will be examined & demonstrated through pipe modeling using pipe stress analysis software to give a detailed insight into the analysis methods & solutions.

The Online Training Course is developed by the faculty of IPEBS, who are International Course Speakers and have more than 22 years work & training experience individually.


Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Apply the piping system stress analysis requirements of ASME B31.3 to process plant piping systems

  • Understand how to perform piping flexibility & stress analysis

  • Provide solutions to piping loads

  • Limit piping stresses within the code allowable limits


  • In-depth course content for easy understanding.

  • Blended Learning: Online contact with faculty.

  • Accessibility to Course Faculty & Counseling Services.

  • Job oriented training program.

  • Student will be job ready, after the course.

  • Student will acquire skills and knowledge similar to working professional.


  • Stress World Definitions

  • Failure Theories

  • Stress Categories 

  • Classification of Loads & Code Requirements 

  • Types Of Pipe Loading Conditions

  • Methods of Analysis 

  • Simplified Analysis 

  • Layout Solutions for Weight, Thermal, Vibration & Wind Loads using Nomo Graphs

  • Computer Programs & Analysis Methods

  • Supports & Restraints 

  • Piping Thermal Flexibility

  • Sustained & Displacement Load Analysis 

  • Nozzle Loads – Piping Stresses & Effect of Piping on Equipment

  • Expansion Joint

  • Piping Vibrations