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Pressure Vessel & Process Equipment Design Engineering - Online Training Course

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15-Apr-2024 30 Days Online -----------------------

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Pressure Vessel & Process Equipment Design & Engineering - Online Training Course


This course broadly covers design & construction including fabrication / testing of pressure vessels & other process equipments like heat exchangers, reactors & columns. The course is designed to give complete understanding of ASME Codes used in design of pressure vessels.

The Online Training Course is developed by the faculty of IPEBS, who are International Course Speakers and have more than 20 years work & training experience individually.


  • In-depth course content for easy understanding.

  • Blended Learning: Online contact with faculty.

  • Accessibility to Course Faculty & Counseling Services.

  • Job oriented training program.

  • Student will be job ready, after the course.

  • Student will acquire skills and knowledge similar to working professional.


Upon completion of course the attendees will be able to

  • Understand different types of Static Process Equipments.

  • Pressure Vessel Design, Supports & Attachments.

  • Prepare and develop pressure vessel & process equipment data sheet, sizing of process equipments, design them as per relevant codes, prepare fabrication details and specifications, estimation and quality assurance during fabrication and assembly.

  • Mechanical design of pressure vessels, heat exchangers - TEMA & columns.

  • The course also covers training on PVELITE (DEMO version) software which is a highly useful tool and gives u an upper edge as a design engineer in the process equipment design field.

  • Understand how to use ASME Codes related to pressure vessel design, materials, fabrication & pressure testing.

  • Detail engineering aspects of process equipments

  • Preparation of G.A. / fabrication drawings of process equipments.


  • Introduction

  • Material Technology related to Pressure Vessel Design and Engineering

  • ASME Codes and its relation to Pressure Vessel Design

  • Mechanical Design of Pressure Vessels 

  • Pressure Vessel/Column/Reactor Design Calculation: (ASME SEC VIII, DIV.1)

  • Fabrication of Pressure Vessels

  • Column & Tower Internals

  • Design & Analysis of Heat Exchanger

  • Detail Engineering Aspects of Process Equipments