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ASME B 31.8 - Gas Transmission & Distribution Piping Systems - Online Training Course

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22-Jan-2024 03 Days Online -----------------------

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ASME B 31.8 Gas Transmission & Distribution Piping Systems


This course is focused on transmission pipelines and is based on ASME B 31.8 code, which is the most widely used code for design, operation, maintenance & repair of natural gas distribution and transmission pipelines.  Detail is provided on the piping code provisions, the principal intentions of the code, and how the code should be used.

The emphasis of the course is on transmission pipelines and includes case studies and practical exercise to consolidate learning.

The Online Training Course is developed by the faculty of IPEBS, who are International Course Speakers and have more than 20 years work & training experience individually.


At the completion of the course participants will be able to:

-    Understand causes and modes of pipeline failure

-    Determine considerations for pipe fabrication and material specifications

-    Carry out the evaluation of pipeline defects

-    Have a greater appreciation of pipeline repair techniques

-    Allowable Stress Limits for Aboveground and Buried Piping


  • Course Introduction

  • History & Background of Code

  • Pipe & Materials Selection

  • Pipeline Welding for Construction

  • In-Service & Maintenance Welding

  • Piping System Components

  • Longitudinal Stress design for Above Ground Piping

  • Flexibility Analysis

  • Pressure Design & Location Classifications

  • Fracture Control Aspect of Pressure Design

  • Pipeline construction & repairs

  • Hydrostatic Proof Testing

  • Operation & maintenance provisions

  • Corrosion & Defect Assessment

  • Pipeline Integrity Threats

  • Impact hazard radius