Diploma (3-5 WEEKS)



Take your first step as a High-Achiever in the Engineering Sector. You learn the skills and background knowledge that you need to do a particular job. We check that with industry experts regularly and update our courses whenever it’s needed. The program is infused with multidisciplinary elements to create well-rounded engineers who are highly valued by the industry for their analytical and problem-solving skills. The program offers an opportunity to participate in an intensive 4/6 weeks instructor-led classroom training.

Currently IPEBS offers specialized diploma training programs for fresh/experienced engineers in the following engineering fields including

  • Detailed Engineering of Process Piping Systems
  • Process Piping Drafting
  • Process Piping Design & Engineering per ASME B 31.3
  • Advanced Pipe Stress Theory & Calculations
  • Pipe Stress Analysis Softwares ( CAESAR II / CAEPIPE / AUTOPIPE / ROHR – 2 )
  • Plant 3d Modelling Softwares
  • HVAC Systems Design & Engineering per ASHRAE
  • Building Electrical Systems Design & Engineering
  • Plumbing Systems Design & Engineering
  • Fire Safety & Protection Systems Design & Engineering